Windows BKF Repair Mechanism At Its BEST

NTBackup application surely comes up to be most desirable way to backup data files in Windows XP machine. And hence many users have their important documents backed up in a BKF file. But due to human errors or computer faults, backup file gets damaged. Windows BKF repair technique is required in such situations so as to restore this backup file in spite of damages in backup file. Backup file recovery software is highly equipped with advance features to make this repair technique highly efficient.

And thus using this software you can repair corrupt Windows BKF file and extract data from it. In some situation restore operation of NTBackup application does not show error message even if the backup file is highly corrupt and is unable to restore. This false representation can confuse you. Let's see what actually happens;

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Why NTBackup Does Not Display Error?

Sometimes NTBackup utility does not throw errors even if the backup file is corrupted. However when we try to restore the data file it shows no results. The conflicts occur mainly because verification pass utilize a checksum process to compare the backup data. This mechanism uses word-wise "OR" operation (XOR) comparison of data inside backup file. In case corruption occurs at the same location in a word in data an even number of times, the checksum algorithm cannot fails to detect this corruption.

And thus in spite of backup file corruption, application does not throw error. But at the end user get stuck with how to repair Windows BKF database. However this problem can also be solved using our software which is devised with extreme advance technology to overcome all the impairments in BKF file.

What To Do In Such Situation?

You can try our BKF Recovery software which is embedded with many features to repair Windows BKF file thoroughly and lets you fetch all the data files inside the backup file. Software is integrated with multiple scan options to work in highly corrupted BKF file and allows you to extract selected data files at desired location in your hard drive. Windows BKF repair also comes in a free demo version which can be downloaded for testing the software performance.

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